Ken Klima, Milwaukee, WI
RV-9, N904KJ, First flight July 20, 2010

Well, my RV-9 is finally flying, after nearly 5 years and who knows how many hours. FAA sign off was done on July 13th 2010 and I did the first flight on July 20th. This was also the first flight for the newly rebuilt engine. To date I have 108 hours and the RV grin is still just as big.


Equipment includes AFS 3500s/3400s EFIS/Engine monitor, AvMap EKPIV GPS, TruTrak Digiflight II autopilot and ICOM A210 com radio. Engine is a 1967 Lyc. 0-320 E2C rebuilt stock 150HP with ECI TITAN EXP Cylinders, dual P-Mags, B&C 60A Alternator and Magnaflight light wt. starter. Prop is Catto 3 blade. Interior by Abby & Brad @ Flightline Interiors. They are awesome to work with and do excellent work. The paint was done by Euroaire Aviation in Reedsburg Wisconsin.


True airspeed is 181mph @ 8500ft. Best fuel economy so far was 3.8 gph @ 2000 rpm and 120mph. I love that part!


My wife Jane and I have taken several trips and many more are planned.

Ken Klima