Jim McIlrath, Red Wing, MN
RV-9A, N244MC, First flight September 3, 2009

As promised I'd send you a picture which includes my wife and myself and the new RV!


Description of aircraft:

LYC-10-360M1B, Hartzell C/S blended foil prop, Advanced 3500/3400 EFIS, Garmin 430, Garmin SL30 Nav/Com, Garmin GMA 340 Audio, Garmin GTX 330 Transponder, Tru-Trak Digi II VS, XM Weather (Panel built by Aerotronics)- absolutely super company. Two things (out of the box) are keyless entry tip up canopy, and an 8 gallon aux fuel tank. Also a Sam James Holy Cowl. The interior is by Classic Aero Designs. Needless to say we call her "Miss Chubby" but comfortable. First flight went well. Only problems were pilot induced communication. The plane flies straight, very little rudder needed. VERY little brake when taxiing. What a surprise compared to other free castoring nose gear aircraft that I've flown. At cruise the ball is centered and I was surprised and also very happy as it was one of my biggest concerns when building the aircraft. Thanks goes to Paul Irlbeck who helped me mount the wings and tail feathers. Experience speaks everything in this category. The take offs seem to be very short. It climbs at 24 squared at 120 kts IAS, 1000 ft per minute V/S/M. On a hot day CYL temps get too hot under 120 kts. Cruise speed at 5500 ft 24 squared is 136 kts. IAS, TAS 149, GPH 7.7, 74% power and OAT 56 degrees. I have more details but this is probably enough for just a few hours on the airplane. Its just really fun to fly.


A little payback time- you and Tom Berge- I know the best- have always helped me and a lot of other people. I truly appreciate those efforts. I am offering my time to help others with your guidance and you wanted my experience and history:

Military Service- 1963- A/C mechanic O/1/L19 Cessna Birddogs, DHC-Beaver, DHC3 Otter, DHC-4 Caribou. Major time was spent on the Grumman OV1-Mohawk.

In Service time in US Army-1963-1964, 1964-1965 Korea, 1965-1966 Viet Nam,

1966-1969 Northwest Airlines. At Northwest worked on 727's, 320 B and C models.
1968- Commercial Pilots License
1969- Back to college and out of aviation until 1989
2000- started building an RV9-A
2006- obtained A&P license and worked for Blue Airways as an A&P working on Cessna 150, 172, 182, Citation 5, Beech Barons, and various other aircraft.
2006 to Present- mostly spent on my RV9-A and friend's RV7-A, RV8 and F1Rocket.

As a special note I flew my RV9-A for the first time on 09/03/09- 46 years to the day that I stepped on a bus after being drafted and went to bootcamp. Ha!

If I can help with your group somehow to assist anyone that can use my experience I am willing to do so.

Happy Skies,