Bob Barrett, Sartell, MN
RV-6A, N784TB, First flight May 9, 2009


N784TB made two flights yesterday with test pilot Tom Irlbeck at the controls. First one was .4 hour and second one was 1.1 hours. No major problems. I need to make some adjustments to temperature gauges to correct readings and reduce idle speed, and adjust manual aileron trim. Terry and I are very happy!


Terry did the upholstery and I will attempt to include a picture of that. I wish you all could have been there but I especially wish my Brother Howard could have been there. Howard encouraged, prodded and made valuable suggestion until he died on 10/29/08! It would never have been built without his help and the support of my wonderful wife Terry! The N number stands for the four most important people in my life. It uses the birth months of our three children and Terry and my humble intial


The test pilots have to fly it another 23.5 hours and then, we can start giving rides and I will even get to ride in it! More on that later.


Thanks to all who helped me in more ways than I will ever be able to say! My wife Terry, H.H. Barrett, Bro. Otto Thole, OSB, Fr. Tom Thole, OSB, Father Simeon Thole, OSB, Tim Mahoney, Dick Schaefer, Virgil Harren, Jim Schneider, Ron Martin, Lana Martin, Jeff Martin, Tom Irlbeck, Wendell Johnson, John Pratt, Dale Field, Rich Mathews, Jon Pinkerton, Bill Bishop, Jeff Anderson, Bob Leaders and Crew at Leaders Flying Service, Our grandchildren, our three children and their spouses,