Bob Miller, Casselton, ND
RV-8, N127M, First flight 2006

Dakota Boy's construction began after NWA retirement in July of 2000. The airplane
was completed, and first flown in 2006. It brought home a champion kit built Lindy
from AirVenture 2007. It is equipped with a dual screen Chelton avionics suite, and
Lycoming's FIRST I0-390 X. It flys regularly, and has made many trips across the
upper midwest during the past three years.

834. Whitten in flt (4)

At AirVenture 2008 "rivet withdrawal" was becoming unbearable, and I stumbled into
Van's tent once again. As a result, "DAKOTA GIRL" a slow build RV-8A, is now
under construction. The tail is finished, and the fuselage kit is scheduled to arrive
any day now.

All MN Wing members passing North Dakota's Casselton Regional Airport (5N8)
are invited to drop in for progress checks, and hangar flying. Cokes are on us !

406. Cockpit, July 24, 2006 (4)

850. bragging pictures. August, 2007 (3)

820. July 29, 2007 (5)