Patrick Halama, Whitehall, WI
RV-9A, N6167WD, First flight August 2006

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I started building my 9A in January 2003, less than a month after earning my pilot’s license, and completed it in August 2006. First flight was on August 25 with Tom Irlbeck in command. The plane now has about 250 hours of mostly shorter cross countries, local flights and trips as a pancake-getter. As my lovely wife becomes more comfortable in the plane, some long cross countries are in the near future.

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N616WD is powered by an Aero Sport 0-320 with dual P-mags turning a Hartzell constant speed propeller. The IFR-capable panel includes a GNS 530W, Icom A-200, PMA 8000B audio panel, Garmin 327 transponder, Blue Mountain EFIS sport, Tru-Trak 2 axis autopilot and ADI, and some round instruments for backup. Engine information is supplied by Advanced Flight Systems AF-2500. I used walnut burl accents on the panel and other places and bent a piece of black walnut for the glare shield molding.

The only mods are golf club/fishing pole tubes, tip-up option on the sliding canopy, and a spacer between the nose wheel bearings.

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The plane is based on my own hilltop grass strip about 28nm SE of KEAU. The strip is 1950’ long with a 30 deg. bend in it, trees on both sides and the south end, and a hill on the north end. As bad as that sounds, the landing strip works out very well for the 9A. Having the plane right outside my door makes it handy for that calm summer evening flight right before sunset, or a little jaunt at sunrise before heading to work.

N44*24.163 W91*17.818