Pete Howell, St. Paul, MN
RV-9A, N789PH, First flight October 2006

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N789PH started life as an RV-9AQB kit in the fall of 2003. Almost 3
years to the day later, she was signed off by Tim Mahoney and became
the magic carpet of the Howell family. Doug Weiler shook out any
initial squawks and then handed her over to me. She is propelled by
an 160HP ECI kit engine I helped build in Tulsa and a Hartzell CS
prop. Ignition is by Emag and Pmag and fuel is supplied by old
fashioned Marvel tractor carb. Lots of experimentation taught me how
to run LOP and fuel mileage is exceptional. I rolled my own nav
lights from high intensity LEDs and the landing light is an HID unit
of my own design using Audi headlight parts. I made my own plenum
for about $60 by scrounging for materials and copying designs from
others. The world (mostly my wife) tracks me via an APRS radio unit
in the wingtip.

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9er-Pop-Hotel has taken us on many trips, including visits to Big
Sky, Steamboat, Milwaukee, South Bend and Kansas City. We have
visited relatives all over Iowa as well. The pilgrimage to Oshkosh
was done in the summer of 2008. She flies great, fast or slow, and
lands like a dream.

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