Doug Weiler, Lake Elmo, MN
RV-4, N722DW, First flight June 2003

RV over SC
N722DW over the St. Croix River near Stillwater, Minnesota

Construction was started in winter of 1991 by builder Doug Weiler in Hudson, WI. The first flight was accomplished in June of 2003 from the Lake Elmo Minnesota airport. N722DW is one of the the most attractive RV-4s available. Noteworthy features include a 180 horsepower Aerosport engine with dual Lightspeed electronic ignition and a Hartzell constant speed prop. With a two-axis autopilot and XM satellite weather, it is also a practical and economical cross country aircraft. N722DW has been featured on the cover of Stillwater Living Magazine and sports a simple, yet striking professionally applied paint design. Total time since new on engine, prop, and airframe is less than 475 hours. It is currently hangared at Lake Elmo, Minnesota (21D) east of St. Paul. N722DW has been meticulously built and maintained and is now being reluctantly sold due to the construction of a new RV-7.



o 475 hours total time on airframe since first flight on 6-15-03. Van's serial number 2649.
o Professional exterior paint: PPG acrylic urethane with polished clear coat.
o Tan base with bright blue and brown trim
o Custom RV-4 logo on rudder.
o Electric flaps and trim. Variable elevator trim speed control. Trim-in-motion annunciator
o Whelen Comet Flash wing strobes
o Dual halogen Duckworth's 100 watt landing lights.
o Extended landing gear legs
o Goodyear Flight Custom III tires and Goodyear tubes
o New tailwheel wheel and tire
o Parking brake
o Modified elevators and rudder with .020 thick skins and additional stiffeners to prevent cracking
o Empty weight: 1070 lbs, certified gross weight: 1600 lbs
o All Van’s service bulletins complied with

Engine and propeller:

o Aerosport Power 0-360-A1A 180 horsepower engine. 475 hours since new.
o Dual Lightspeed Plasma III high-performance electronic ignition system with direct crank crank sensor.
o Dual battery system for ignition system backup.
o Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BF constant speed propeller. 475 hours since new. Dynamically balanced.
o Woodward prop governor
o Sky-Tech lightweight starter
o 40 amp B&C alternator with B&C LR3B-14 linear voltage control with overvoltage protection and low voltage warning.
o B&C BC100-1 main battery
o Vetterman cross-over exhaust system
o Three Robbins Wings cabin heater muffs with two cabin inlets
o EZ heat oil crankcase heater
o Oil quick drain
o High quality Lord engine mounts for minimal vibration
o High capacity Stewart Warner oil cooler
o All fuel and oil hoses professional built and certified by Sacramento Sky Ranch. Internally firesleeved Stratoflex hoses.
o SigmaTek vacuum pump
o Andair gascolator
o Oil analysis and records since new
o All applicable engine ADs complied with

Interior cockpit and controls :

* Interior paint AlumaGrip polyurethane
* Interior seats by DJ Lauritsen of Cleaveland Aircraft Tool - FAA fire certified materials
* “Conformfoam” seat cushions with booster cushions for front and rear
* Hooker Harness aerobatic belts and shoulder harnesses (5-point in front)
* Custom throttle quadrants front and rear.
* Instrument panel modified one inch forward from plans for addition front seat room
* Canopy modified one inch higher from plans for additional front seat headroom
* Canopy hold-open mechanism and safety latch (permits taxiing with canopy partially open)
* Dual cabin heat controls
* Front and rear fresh air vents
* Rear seat stick, throttle, rudder controls
* Rear seat footwells
* Rear seat push to talk on stick, rear seat autopilot disconnect
* Halon fire extinguisher and canopy breaking tool
* Andair fuel selector
* Instrument panel flood lights (left and right)
* Canopy unlocked annunciator
* Wired for heated pitot tube



Avionics and Instrumentation

o SigmaTek artificial horizon and directional gyro with filter system
o Electric turn coordinator
o Electronics International engine instrumentation
+ SR-8A Smart Engine Analyzer (CHT and EGT with lean find and scan mode, OAT display).
+ OPT-1 Oil temperature and pressure
+ FP-5 Fuel flow, pressure, and fuel computer with totalizer, fuel used, time to empty
+ FP-2R Dual fuel level gage.
o Garmin/AT GX-65 comm transceiver and GPS receiver
o Bendix/King KT-76A transponder with ACK altitude encoder. Certified until April, 2010
o Sigtronics high noise intercom
o TruTrak Digiflight IIVSG autopilot with GPS tracking, GPS navigation, GPSS steering, altitude hold and vertical speed mode
o Monroy ATD-300 Traffic Watch alerter
o Anywhere Map GPS navigator with XM Satellite WX receiver (WX Works). PDA based HP model 5915 provides additional and independent GPS navigation source and XM weather (including NexRad radar). Removable and portable with Tom-Tom automotive GPS navigation and Windows PDA functions0
o Dual voltage indicators for main battery/alternator and standby ignition battery
o Garmin GPS III GPS receiver for rear seat passenger
o ACK ELT with cockpit mounted controller
o David Clark electronic noise canceling headsets front and rear

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* Cruise at 23" mp and 2350 rpm, 7500 ft msl: 170 knots at peak EGT, 8.5 gph
* Economy cruise at 140 knots and 6.5 gph
* Rate of climb at gross, sea level: 2000 fpm, best r/c climb speed. Takeoff acceleration at light weights is "breath-taking"!

715-386-1239 (home)
651-398-1184 (cell)


air-to-air photos by Peter Fruehling