The Tool Crib

Got a seldomly-used used tool that you would like to make available to other MN Wingers? Or are you looking to borrow said seldomly-used tool? Here's the place. The Tool Crib will serve as the "middle-man" and link up potential lenders and borrowers. The arrangements are strictly between the two, so the details are up to the parties involved. The Club will just serve as the link using this page.

Engine Hoist

Pasted Graphic

Bob Collins, South St. Paul, MN. For more details, click HERE.

Miscellaneous Tools

Walt Ray has these items for loan (in the MSP area)

Aluminum line beading tool
Cherry lock rivet gun
Parking tubing flaring tool
C frame rivet tool
Milling machine for one-off projects

Contact Walt at 612-817-3242 or