Flight Safety

Aviation has always been an inherently risky venture. There have been volumes and volumes written over the years addressing flying safety and risk management in our approach to flight operations of any kind. Here are some links and topics that you may find of interest on this timely subject.


May 2011 - A
recent accident report from Transport Canada regarding the in-flight breakup of an RV-7A during aerobatic flight.

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March 2011 - The FAA has just published this Advisory Circular on training in amateur built aircraft.
A timely and critical subject that all RV builders need to consider. READ IT HERE.....

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When Dick VanGrunsven discusses flight safety, we all had better listen.
Here is a recent discussion he posted on the Van’s Aircraft Facebook page.

TFR map

It is so easy to gloss over our requirement for pre-flight planning on a clear and perfect VFR day. Read this account of an anonymous RV pilot and a very difficult lesson learned.


November 2009 - CFI and MN Wing Tech Counselor Tom Berge discusses a recent Minnesota accident in
"Experience Counts"

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June 2009 - NTSB accident report NYC08FA023, RV-10, Greenville, PA. There are lessons to be learned from this accident that are of utmost importance to RV builders and RV pilots.


March 2009 - Aviation Safety Discussion on Risk Management - Doug Rozendaal, Lake Elmo, MN