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Sonny Martin in Rochester, MN sent us this photo of his newly completed RV-12. It was a 13 month build time and he now has a total of 42 hours of flight time logged. Tom Berge did the first flight and gave Sonny his transition training. By my count we now have 3 RV-12's in the club.



If you happened have missed Scott Elhardt's excellent talk on RV painting at our December meeting, we have it available for down. Go to the Building Tips Link HERE



The December 2012 issue of the RVator's Log is not ready for download HERE...

Dec cover



Our 23rd RV Fly-in and Picnic was another great success this past Saturday. It was a little cool and windy but we still had a great turnout all things considered: 104 folks officially signed in and we logged 16 fly-in aircraft of which 12 were RVs. Our sincere thanks to Roy and Kim Fuhrmann and all of the great folks at the Sky Harbor Airpark who work so hard to make this event happen!!! CLICK HERE to check out photos from the day!!


Your September issue of the "RVator's Log" is ready for download HERE:



Big news over at Anoka as Peter Fruehling has sold his RV-7 (this is an interesting story in itself which Peter will expand upon in the September newsletter). His process of "downsizing" resulted in his purchase of a rather familiar blue RV-4 which you may vaguely remember. Here's a shot of previous owner Steve Heaton making the delivery last Sunday.



One of the advantages of being your resident webmaster is to have free range to brag on one's RV. As of the end of July, I can officially announce my RV-7 is complete. 4 years, 7 months of time, just over 2500 hours of work, and a rather significant portion of one's total net worth results in a honest to goodness traveling air machine. Two weeks ago, it came out out of Wipaire's paint shop. Here's a brief synopsis:

My previous experience in painting my RV-4 had not been pleasant. The process probably knocked about 2 years off my lifespan. I promised myself that if I painted another airplane, it would be done locally by a reputable shop... the bigger the better

Yes, it would not be cheap, but we do get what we pay for. Thus I decided on having Wipaire paint my RV. Paint shop manager Dave Utsch was more than willing to paint a "little" airplane. In fact, their shop had done several RVs and other experimentals and I had good feelings about the outcome.

On June 5th I delivered 22DW to Wipaire's shop at Fleming Field in South St. Paul, MN. Dave said it would take 3-4 weeks. After my recent experiences with paint shops, I mentally doubled that time!

Wipaire is an FAA-certified shop so they do not get involved in the disassembly or assembly of an amateur-built airplane. So it was my task to take everything apart. Just as well, as I know how to put it all back together.

This is as left it on June 4th. Everything that is apart is apart.

A week later I stopped by to see how it was going. Work was under way and I was introduced to Brandon who would be in charge of my project.

Canopy is masked off and work has begun on the individual parts.

All parts are filled and sanded

Brandon at work. This is not a lot of fun in 90 degree weather!

Lots of filling and detail work on the canopy frame

At the end of two weeks, things were moving along quite well until the shop ran into a problem. Fortunately it had nothing to do with my RV-7. Wipaire had finished a Cessna Caravan before my project and it was waiting export to China. When the Chinese customer came to take delivery, it was discovered there was an error in the registration number. Dave put his entire crew on the Caravan for three days to refinish the sides of the Caravan and apply the correct numbers. No big deal... I was in no hurry. I just wanted everything done right.

So although a week was essentially lost, by the fourth week, it was time for paint. The design from
Scheme Designers had arrived. After etching, alodining, scrubbing and sanding, the Dupont epoxy primer was applied. On top of that was the basic white Imron base coat. In just a matter of a couple days, Brandon and crew had laid out the tape lines and had painted the yellow and orange trim colors first. Last color was the Porsche red trim color. All of these colors were DuPont Sandox acrylic urethane. Final top coat is Sherwin Williams AcryGlo clear urethane which can be polished to one's heart's content.

This is were the artistry comes into play. Glad some experts are doing this!!

Here's how they do it

With the masking paper removed, it's beginning to look pretty good!!

By the 5th week, it was my turn to get involved. I spent 4 days putting everything back together. Brandon reworked a few minor things like repainting the trim tab. The last couple days he worked hard polishing and detailing all of the little things to make 22DW as perfect as possible. Frankly I was amazed the project was essentially completed on time. There was a week lost due to the Caravan repaint, but that was understandable.

Master craftsman Brandon and his handiwork. I just wrote the big check!

I was more than happy with the professionalism and and craftsmanship of Dave Utsch, Brandon, and all of the painters at Wipaire. They come high recommended!! And hey... the kids can figure out their own way to go to college!

This is what's all about..... our first shakedown cruise to Colorado and she who pays all the bills is happy!!

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