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Bernie Weiss just got his RV-9 back from the paint shop (Midwest Aircraft Refinishing in Hibbing, MN). What do you think? Looks pretty cool to me!


Noah Rosenbloom, 1925 - 2014

- Doug

Back in the “old” days of the Twin Cities RV Builder’s Group (circa 1989), the choice of which RV to build pretty much boiled down to a RV-4 or a RV-6. Most of us were enthralled by the sporty -4 so the tandem 2-seater was the project of choice 25 years ago. I don’t recall exactly when Noah joined the club but it must have been around 1990 and he decided to build a -4. He started the project in his shop near New Ulm, MN but progress was slow. Although his building schedule was sporadic, Noah was a fixture at our meetings. He had an inquisitive mind and always was asking questions and ready to discuss the latest aviation topics.

Over the years, we got to be good friends. He had been a private pilot since shortly after WWII and was always quick to show me pictures of his PT-26 that he owned in the 1950’s. He was an accomplished attorney and served many years as a District Court Judge but he had definite passion for aviation. We often discussed the latest airline news and was always curious about my career as an airline pilot. Noah was not into email and for years he would write me these exquisitely typed, formal letters, often with a newspaper clipping, commenting on some aviation news item of the day. I certainly received at least one or two a month. Plus we had many great phone comnversations, always talking flying.

He told me of his friendship with Klaus Scherer who was a retired Lufthansa pilot living in Munich. I believe the story was that Klaus and Noah met at the University of Minnesota after WWII as Klaus was studying in the U.S. They exchanged lots of letters over the years and, through Noah’s introduction, my wife and I met Klaus during a trip to Munich in 2003. A
very interesting gentlemen who had been a Luftwaffe fighter pilot and had some interesting stories of the war!

Although his flying activities was waning in his later years, Noah wanted to see his RV-4 fly. So sometime around 2006, he and RV master builder Paul Irlbeck dusted off the languishing project and finished it up. Here are some photos taken during our 2007 RV Fly-In where Noah finally got to ride in his RV.

Noah and master craftsman Paul Irlbeck (I’ll always remember this RV grin!!)

Noah and test pilot Tom Irlbeck

Noah flew west on January 15, 2014 at age 89. Fair skies Noah…..


We had a great Membership Appreciation Lunch on January 11, 2014 courtesy of Key Air. LifeLink III base manager Mike Reid was our guest speaker.
Here are some photos of the day (photos by Peter Fruehling)


The December issue of the RVator’s Log is ready for download HERE…..


Guess it has been a while since we have updated the website!!. Plans are in progress for our next meeting which typically is in December but this time around will be in January. Stay tuned for the details. Also our December newsletter is in the pipeline and will be out shortly. In the meantime, stay warm!!


Jerrod Lindquist’s parents have a home for sale on the Sky Habor Airpark. Go to the FOR SALE page for details


Pete Howell and I just received a welcome email from Arni
Sigurbergsson, our one and only MN Wing member in Iceland. Here is Arni’s note and a couple of the great photos he sent:

Hi Pete and Doug,

Here are some nice pictures of the three planes that I built; RV-4 (TF-RVA 2007), RV-6 (TF-ART 2002) and RV-9A (TF-RVC 2012). The pictures were taken during the Akureyri Fly-in Aerobatic Competition which was held on June 22nd 2013. The pictures were taken by Hordur, a photographer at the show which was held by the Icelandic Aircraft Museum in Akureyri. Hope you enjoy the pictures and please copy to Elden too if you can.

Best regards,


The September issue of The Rvator’s Log is now ready for download.
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Eric Schraff is a young man who contacted me several weeks ago to ask if he might be able to learn more about RV aircraft. He offered to help out any of our members and in turn, perhaps develop some building skills in hope of assembling his own RV someday. MN Winger Warren Starkebaum answered the call and now Eric is keeping Warren’s nose to the grindstone racking up some serious work on Warren’s RV-7. Eric, welcome to the work of RV construction and keep that fire lit under Warren!!!!


The June issue of the RVator’s Log is now available for download. Here is the link!!


Bernie Weiss soloed his RV-9 today and joined the ranks of us testosterone soaked, hairy chested RV taildragger pilots!! Another RV grin!!


We have added a new page to the website. It is listed in the sidebar to the left as
MAINTENANCE ISSUES. The purpose would be to list maintenance problems, tips, service difficulties, or anything similar as it might pertain to the operational aspect of RV ownership. We have a couple contributions so far but need more!! If you have anything to add, drop me a note at dcw@mnwing.org


Good news to report! Tom Berge made the first test flight of Bernie Weiss’ new RV-9 this past Sunday out of ANE. Bernie’s -9 is powered by a new 160 hp Lycoming courtesy of Bolduc Aviation. A Hartzell C/S prop provides the motive force up front. Here’s some photos of the day:

The official laying on of hands before the first flight by the local RV bums: Doug Weiler, Bernie Weiss, Pete Howell, Peter Fruehling, and Tom Berge

Ah… the utter coolness of a professional test pilot

Tom taxis out. Engine is fuel injected (Silverhawk) with a P-Mag system


Mission accomplished! All went well except for the obligatory heavy wing.

Bernie and wife Debbie (yes, it was cold!!)

How about a glamour shot of the panel: Garmin G3X EFIS, touchscreen Garmin 650 and other thingies we don’t understand.


The March issue of the RVAtor's Log is now ready for your download.
Go here for your copy!


Here's another new paint job to report. This note from RV-6 builder Jerry Golden at Lake Elmo, MN:

Here is the latest state of the paint on N623G, looks a little different compared to the first flight in green primer!

Just finishing the last gear leg upper fairing and then it is off to polishing the clear on a few select parts, polished the tail so far.
The rest will follow once the weather is a bit warmer.

A few late nights over the past couple of months let me get it all done, all in all it took about 6 weekends to complete.

I would like to see about getting a picture of it air to air in the spring or summer with a green background as opposed to the frozen


Vince Bastiani's RV-7 has been in the paint shop at Midwest Aircraft Refinishers in Hibbing, MN. Last week, your editor flew Vince to the North Country to pick it up. Here's some iPad photos from the trip:

Here's the happy owner. Vince's -7 now sports a beautiful metallic blue, white. and gray paint job with polished clear coat

Midwest's workmanship is outstanding.

Vince had them add a distinctive black pinstripe accenting the colors

Midwest's primary customer's are Cirrus owners looking for a quality refinish.

This rebuild project was pulled out of the Everglades after a forced landing. Gotta love sanding fiberglas to work here!!!

Here's a link to their website......


Happy belated New Year everyone!! Hope your RV building and flying will prosper in 2013!!!!

RV-4 pilot Peter Fruehling's daughter Teagan is ready to start work on the RV-16 kit she got for Christmas....

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